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Ostar Meditech Corp.

Blood pressure and heart monitor technology

Today is 22,Sep,2018
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Telemetry Oximeter
Telemetry OximeterThe characteristics of Oximeter, SpO2: 1. Anti agitation 2. It can still be measured at the perfusion below 3% 3. By changing the probe, the digitized signal processor can measue a b
PCNursingCartThe bar-code reader or RFID reader in the telemetry medical service cart can scan the patient' s bar-code ring or RFID tag to yield the doctor and/or nurse to obtain the patient's anamnes
Telecare Patient Monitoring
OSTAR Telecare Patient Monitoring And Cloud Information SystemBy using the heart spectrum function, we can obtain: 1. Blood pressure, heart beat rate. 2. The noise analysis of arrhythmia. 3. The noise
Blood Pressure Monitor
Hospital use Blood Pressure Monitor, Remote Healthcare Services SystemOSTAR Heart Spectrum Blood Pressure Monitor received EXCELLENT PRODUCT AWARD in the MEDIPHAR TAIPEI 2010 1. With the Cardio Spectr
Heart Monitor
BPM, Heart Monitor of Telecare/TelemetryOstar Meditech Corporation researches and develops heart spectrum monitoring technology 14 years . It can measure the systolic, the diastolic pulse and the spec