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Ostar Meditech Corp.

Blood pressure and heart monitor technology

Today is 22,Sep,2018
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Telecare Patient Monitoring
Telecare Patient Monitoring
Telecare Patient MonitoringTelecare Patient MonitoringTelecare Patient Monitoring
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Updated: 2012-04-17 16:41
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OSTAR Telecare Patient Monitoring And Cloud Information System
By using the heart spectrum function, we can obtain: 1. Blood pressure, heart beat rate. 2. The noise analysis of arrhythmia. 3. The noise analysis of heart valves. 4. The noise analysis of the coronary artery. And transmitted Via: 1. GSM 2. TCP/IP 3. Telephone Line To computer server to perform: 1. community telecare services 2. personal healthcare for heart 3. remote measurement for blood pressure 4. remote measurement for glucose value 5. remote measurement for blood oxygen 6. remote measurement for heart noise