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Ostar Meditech Corp.

Blood pressure and heart monitor technology

Today is 22,Sep,2018
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Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure MonitorBlood Pressure MonitorBlood Pressure Monitor
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model: P2
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Updated: 2012-04-17 16:38
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Hospital use Blood Pressure Monitor, Remote Healthcare Services System
OSTAR Heart Spectrum Blood Pressure Monitor received EXCELLENT PRODUCT AWARD in the ”MEDIPHAR TAIPEI 2010” 1. With the Cardio Spectrum functions and is able to present the irregular heart noise. 2. With self-testing accuracy and ausculation functions 3. Built-in- Test functions to detect machine itself in normal condition. 4. Equipped with RS232 & USB data output function and is able to connect with computer for internet transmission. 5. Show the indices of the Arrhythmia, Valve, heart vessel abnormal noise. 6. Water proof designs to be able to use alcohol or bleach clean the case. 7. With data storage function. 8. Anti-shock design. 9. FDA approval/CE 0434 and ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, quality certified.