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Ostar Meditech Corp.

Blood pressure and heart monitor technology

Today is 22,Sep,2018
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Heart Monitor
Heart Monitor
Heart MonitorHeart MonitorHeart Monitor
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BPM, Heart Monitor of Telecare/Telemetry
Ostar Meditech Corporation researches and develops heart spectrum monitoring technology 14 years . It can measure the systolic, the diastolic pulse and the spectrum technology can calculate the patient’s heart noise using digital signal processor can count the heart beat to 240 per minutes and accuracy to 1% for the doctor and nurse to refer, In Taiwan have 92 hospitals using now.
Telecare/Telemetry Blood pressure monitor with heart monitor
Telecare/Telemetry Pulse Oximeter
Wireless Hospital Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Index
Dialysis room Blood pressure and heart monitor system
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